The Call to Worship

We are a congregation of the Lord Jesus Christ calling far and wide to all who are weary and heavy laden with sin, with guilt, with the business of life and the burden of responsibility to find rest for their weary souls in Christ alone. We exist to call, to introduce, to nurture, to help sinners find salvation in Christ alone. We do this by communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ faithfully and frequently so that all who meet with us might know the peace of God.

The Call to Witness

Reformation OPC exists to worship and call worshippers. This is our highest and most glorious mission. It is the mission of making disciples through the proclamation of the whole counsel of God’s Word for the whole work of salvation. We trust that God, through the proclamation of His Word will bring in the nations who are even now “white unto harvest.” We warmly invite you to Reformation, a place to use your gifts unto the building of Christ’s glorious kingdom.